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Breast Augmentation Before & After Pictures in Nashville, TN

One of the most common procedures performed by Mayo-Clinic trained, board-certified Nashville plastic surgeon Chad Robbins, M.D., F.A.C.S., breast augmentation lifts, enhances and corrects asymmetry to balance the proportions of the patient’s body. This procedure includes benefits such as improved self-image and confidence. Dr. Robbins is receptive to the needs of each patient, offering customized implants designed to achieve the desired effect.

Dr. Robbins will conduct a personal consultation to discuss your breast augmentation goals and determine the right type of implant for your procedure. After a consultation and pre-operative appointment, Dr. Robbins will go through a final consultation before surgery. Using general anesthesia, Dr. Robbins will place the implant either over (subglandular) or underneath (submuscular) the muscle, depending on the patient’s desired aesthetic. To learn more about how breast augmentation can improve your self-image, take a look at Dr. Robbins’ before and after photos:

Patient RN397103: 33 year old female with 2 children who had MemoryShape, Tall Height, Moderate Profile Plus 445cc implants placed.

Patient AF277630: 27 year old female who had Memory Shape, Tall Height, Moderate Plus Profile, 350cc implants placed.

Patient TC71183: 40 year old female, mother of 3, Memory Shape, 395cc Tall height, moderate plus profile placed as well as nipple reduction

Patient RK351914: 30 year old with 500cc high profile silicone implant

Patient FE973889: 25 yo female, memory Shape, TH/MPP 445cc

Patient JC540136: 33 year old female, smooth round silicone 350cc implants

Patient KM634946: 31 year old female, TH/MPP MemoryShape 350cc

Patient FS321394: 42 year old female, 205cc MemoryShape Tall Height, Moderate Profile Plus

Patient KG843932: 36 yr. old female who had Memory Shape, medium height, high profile 390cc implants placed.

Patient JK284072: 21 yr. old female 395cc Memory Shape THP

Patient TH264183: 40 yr. old, 400cc HPP silicone

Patient LT179682: 32 yr. old, 325cc HPP silicone

Patient MN896335: 36 yr. old, 420ml Saline Implants

Patient EG706814: 22 yr. old, 420ml Saline Implants

Patient PT19533: 41 yr. old, Saline Implants-Right 325ml, Left 350ml

Patient GJ298107: 36 yr. old, 375ml MPP Silicone Implants

Patient DS824195: 26 yr. old, 350cc MPP Silicone Implants

Patient GV742818: 23 yr. old, smooth round high profile saline 400ml

Patient SM239841: 33 year old female who had Memory Shape, 350cc Tall height, moderate plus profile placed