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Implant Based Reconstruction Before and After Pictures in Nashville, TN

Patient BL8879: 56 year old female with previous history of mastectomy and reconstruction. Dr. Robbins performed a revision and placed Memory Shape, Medium Height, High Profile 555cc implants.

Patient FT69353: 40 year old female who had 620cc Memory Shape, medium height, high profile implants placed following mastectomy and reconstruction.

Patient MC614609: 48 year old female with 800cc ultra high profile silicone implant

Patient BR942118: 64 year old female with mastectomy to right breast prior to reconstruction, Left breast reduction with placement of 295cc Memory Shape silicone implant and right breast placement of Memory Shape 685cc silicone implant and creation of nipple and areola to right breast with reduction of nipple and areola to left breast.

Patient HT970027: 51 year old female with breast cancer and underwent reconstruction. She has Memory Shape silicone implants

Patient KP314165: 44 Yr. Old. 390 ML Memmory Shape Gel Medium Height High Profile

Patient AM887950: 41 yr. old, 600cc HP Silicone

Patient MM176509:66 yr. old, 685cc Memory Shape HP implants

Patient DD269833: 49 Yr.s old. 500cc High-Profile Gel Breast Implant

Patient SD287305: 36 yr. old

Patient ST859607: 62 Yr. old, 750cc Smooth Round UHP silicone

Patient OT121908