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So I used to weigh over 400 pounds. In 2010 I had gastric bypass surgery and I had lost about 200 pounds. I had been thinking about having my excess skin removed for several years. I wasn’t really sure if i really wanted to go through all of that I knew it was going to be very painful procedure and surgery. I had asked around online and someone recommended Dr. Robbins. I came for my consultation and I immediately felt extremely comfortable. The staff has been amazing, everyone greeted me, the staff was pleasant and when I had my consultation Dr. Robbins gave me different options of the procedures to give me the results I wanted. I ended up going with a body lift, a full lower body lift, a thigh lift, and a gluteal auto- augmentation. Dr Robbins had told me about all of the different procedures but I never felt pressured in anyway. I didn’t feel like anyone was pushing me to do more than I wanted too. They gave me all the information and then I met with Katie and got the pricing information. Then I had time to make my own decision. Originally I wasn’t going to do all of it and I thought more about it and I decided I wanted to do all of the procedures at once and I am blown away with the results. After the surgery it was extremely painful, Dr. Robbins and his staff were extremely excess-able all the time via e-mail, over the phone anytime I had a question. Anytime I felt something was hurting or sore I would send an e-mail to the nurses or call the office and get a very quick response. Anytime there was something where they wanted me to come into the office, and have doctor Robbins looked at it I was able to be seen very quickly. All my issues were taken care of. So I am here today for my 3 month follow up everything is amazing I have healed really well the results are phenomenal far better than I could ever imagine. The best thing is I have had people tell me the are jealous of my butt they wish they had a body like mine. Coming from 400 pounds to now I never thought I would be someone having other people wanting a body like mine. So, huge thanks to doctor Robbins and everybody there for these results.


I am a post weightless patient. I had lost over 100 pounds and I was really happy with what I had done but I didn’t look so good. I looked decent in my clothes but when I looked in the mirror I just wasn’t happy. So I found Dr. Robbins and came in for consultation. I had seen two other surgeons and pretty much marked them off immediately. I knew within five minutes of my consultation with Dr. Robbins I knew that I wanted him to be my surgeon. The staff is wonderful, the staff is very caring, he is a perfectionist, I am too and I wanted to be perfect as I possibly could be. Its been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I look amazing, I am happy and I just couldn’t be more thankful to him and the staff.





For years I’ve wanted to get a breast reduction and finally my primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Robbins and when I got the referral looked online at his reviews and all I could find was 5 star reviews and now I understand why. Him and his staff from the moment I called to schedule my consultation were so kind and helpful and I would do this surgery again in a heartbeat. Now I am 8 week post op, my joinery with him is ending, and he has been a great surgeon very kind very helpful. He has answered all of my questions and I would do everything all over again.

I was diagnosed with stage two Breast Cancer in September of 2015 and I had a bilateral Mastectomy and reconstruction with Dr. Robbins and his team and it has been one of the best experiences I’ve had and I know that sounds funny to say that because you think having cancer is going to be very traumatic. Thanks to the amazing care I have received basically across the board from everyone especially in Dr. Robbins office. It has actually been a positive growing experience for me. I think that as time goes on I will learn more from going through this process and I couldn’t be happier with the care I have received. They are like family to me.


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