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Otoplasty Before & After Pictures in Nashville, TN

Also called otoplasty, ear surgery is often desired by those who suffer from excessively large or protruding ears. This procedure is usually performed on children between the age of four and 14, but some adults may elect for it as well. Ear surgery can be enormously helpful improve your child’s self-esteem, comfort while sleeping, and eliminate teasing at school.

The surgery itself takes two to three hours, depending on the issues being addressed. Mayo-Clinic trained, board-certified Nashville plastic surgeon Chad Robbins, M.D., F.A.C.S., will either make an incision behind the ear or on the back of the ear. Sculpting the cartilage and skin to position the ear closer to the head, this surgery is designed to leave minimal scarring.

Patients who undergo ear surgery find that they no longer feel the need to hide their ears and enjoy an increase in self-confidence. Dr. Robbins will discuss the different techniques available for the procedure with you, as well as your aesthetic goals resulting from the surgery. To learn more see the before and after photos below:

Patient RK448579: 20 year old female

Patient BS896496: 56 yr. old Male

Patient IS598331: 12 yr. old Female

Patient WA664998: 13 yr. old Male