Fat Transfer and Injections in Nashville, TN

As we age, we lose volume in our face, resulting in hollowed sunken areas or thinning lips. Fat transfers and injections performed by Mayo Clinic-trained, board certified Nashville plastic surgeon Chad M. Robbins, M.D., F.A.C.S., restores your look naturally and safely by transferring fat from one area of your body to another. Dr. Robbins is proud to provide fat transfers and injections to patients in the Nashville and Franklin, TN area.

How Fat Transfers and Injections Work in Nashville

Fat transfers, also referred to as microlipoinjections, work by extracting fat from one area of your body and injecting it into a target area identified by consulting with Dr. Robbins in his Nashville, TN office. Common areas from which fat is taken include the abdomen, thigh, and buttocks. The fat then is used to bring out the natural contours of the cheeks, plump up thinning lips, and correcting lines and wrinkles of the face.

Benefits of Fat Transfers and Injections

One of the best benefits of fat transfers is that it reduces the signs of aging by using your own fat to accentuate facial contours without surgery. Dr. Robbins skillfully uses fat transfers and injections for a number of treatments, including:

  • Minimizing marionette lines, frown lines, and smile lines
  • Minimizing the appearance of acne scars or other facial depressions
  • Enhancing the size and shape of your lips
  • Increasing volume under your eyes to create a well-rested, youthful look
  • Eliminating wrinkles and brow furrows between the eyes and forehead

It may also help minimize and shape the area from which the fat is harvested.

The Fat Transfer and Injection Process

Fat injections and transfers are a more time-consuming process than other dermal filler and injectable options. The process is completed in Dr. Robbins’ Nashville, TN office usually in less than three hours. During the process, you will be given either local or full anesthesia to ensure minimum discomfort.

During the transfer process, fat is removed from the abdomen, thigh or stomach. The extracted fat is then immediately transferred to a precision needle and transferred directly into the targeted area to remove furrows, wrinkles, lines or to enhance lip fullness.

What to Expect After Fat Transfer and Injection Treatments

Fat transfer and injections are slightly more invasive than other dermal filler and injectable options. As such, some recovery time is needed to achieve desired results. To begin the healing process, Dr. Robbins recommends not driving or performing any strenuous activity immediately after the treatment.

Patients undergoing fat transfer and injections may be sent home with bandages to cover the extraction or transfer sites. Most patients report swelling, minor soreness, and bruising for up to three weeks after treatment. However, makeup may be applied the day following treatment, and most patients can return to work after one to two days of rest.

The results of fat injections are long-lasting, but not permanent. As fat is a naturally occurring tissue of your body, it may be reabsorbed into a patient’s body, so multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve and maintain desired results.

Choosing Fat Transfer and Injections

Dr. Robbins offers a variety of skin rejuvenation options including Botox®, and Restylane® Silk to meet your personal goals. Given all the great options, Dr. Robbins understands it may be difficult to know which option is best for achieving your desired results. During your consultation, Dr. Robbins offers advice and guidance for determining if fat transfer and injections are right for you.

Cost of Fat Transfer and Injections in Nashville

The cost of fat transfer treatment is based on the amount of fat needed for the procedure. Our office accepts personal checks, cash, and major credit cards to meet your budgetary needs. Financing is available via CareCredit®.

Dr. Robbins looks forward to helping you achieve maximum results with fat transfer treatment or one of our many other great dermal filler and injectable options at our Nashville, TN location. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for expert advice in choosing the right treatment plan for you.