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My experience was exceptional. From the receptionist to the nurses to the doctor, everyone was amazingly awesome. I had searched for a doctor to do a breast reduction for me for actually years, and I saw Dr. Chad Robbins on Channel 5 News on Talk of the Town, and I said, “Well, let me try him out,” and so, my first day visiting for my consultation, I knew immediately that I wanted him to do the procedure. He just made me feel so comfortable. He made me assured that he could do the procedure with no complications, that everything would go well, and after the surgery—even before, during, and after—umm…I had no questions; I felt comfortable; I felt at ease; and I just knew everything would be great in his hands, and so, even now just following up, I feel like he has an amazing team, and to have a team that represents you and is reflection of you, I feel like it’s amazing when everybody’s great and not just the doctor.

My name is Harriet Glover Bell, and on March 21, 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As you can imagine, that’s a woman’s worst nightmare. Uh…I…I was referred to a breast surgeon, and we determined what my…um…term of care would be, and then she referred me to reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Robbins, and of course, you know, people will always say, “I’m going to refer you to this person because they’re the best,” and you know, people say that, but that’s not always the case, but in this scenario, it was the case. Um…the first day, my first consultation, I came in and I spoke with one of his nurses, Ashley. Um…she was amazing. She was compassionate. She took me through the process from beginning to end. Uh…she comforted me. She gave me tissue when I needed it…um…and then after she was finished with me, Dr. Robbins came, and when he came in, he had this…this look on his face that it just calms your soul, to let you know that everything is going to be okay, and that’s exactly what he told me. He said, “We’re going to walk you through this, and we’re going to…we’re going to be okay,” and, hey, nine months late, I’m here. I’m cancer free…uh…and I just couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. Dr. Robbins and his staff have been amazing. They’ve gotten to know my family, especially my daughter. Um…they’re just amazing, and so, if you get an opportunity to work with them, I promise you, you will not regret it. I love them!

I would like to personally recommend Dr. Chad Robbins to anyone looking to get plastic surgery. He’s amazing, he’s got a wonderful bedside manner, his nurses are amazing. They treat you like family instead of like a patient but your upmost needs are their priority. I told Dr. Robbins exactly what I wanted and after surgery I woke up to exactly what I had asked for. I could not be happier for the way things turned out. The surgery went amazing and the results of my surgery are fantastic. They have been right there for me to call if I needed anything. His team, and his staff genuinely care about his patients. I am ecstatic my confidence level is through the roof I feel great about myself. Its all thanks to Dr. Robbins and his team! Have a Nice day!

BOBBY JOINER: I think what I really loved about him—he enjoys what he’s doing.DEBORAH JOINER: Yeah.

BOBBY JOINER: And you are a lot better when you enjoy what you’re doing, and he actually enjoys taking care of his patients who kind of become a part of his family, so that meant a lot to me.

DEBORAH JOINER: Hi. I’m Deborah Joiner.

BOBBY JOINER: And I’m Bobby Joiner, her…uh…very blessed husband.

DEBORAH JOINER: Everything they tell you do, I was already doing, and yet, I had…I had cancer.

BOBBY JOINER: One of the things that I remember, because everyone’s aware of cancer, and then, when we got the news, you know, cancer, of course, our faith in the Lord—He’s seen us all the way up to right now, and I knew He wasn’t going to let us, you know, down then, and then, and when someone asked about “but you live so healthy. You eat so healthy, and why you” and Debbie said, “Why not me?” and I love that. You’re never prepared for that, but yet you…basically, we’ve been preparing for years for news like this because we all know we’re not going to stay here forever, but…um…I think it…Uh…. I had to take, you know, a deep breath and say, “Okay, Lord. It’s going to be you to show us where to go, who to go see, what we’re going to do next.”

DEBORAH JOINER: A surgeon…I was really… Of course, I wanted a great oncologist. I wanted this cancer taken care of, but the surgeon would have a whole lot to do with how I looked for the rest of my whatever length of time I had, and…uh…there’s no doubt in my mind that Dr. Robbins was God’s gift to us, and this whole staff was. Every time we came, I felt I was coming in to see more family, and…uh….and that makes a big difference when you’re going through this—when you’re not getting good news, every time you go to the doctor you get more news that’s not real good, because you get reality at the doctor’s office when you’re in…going through all these treatments and on your blood work and all that, but I would come here and get sympathy, empathy, not ooey-gooey, phony, but I could tell people cared, and yet, I enjoyed coming here. It was just a real fun atmosphere, can you say?

BOBBY JOINER: I mean professional.

DEBORAH JOINER: Professional but fun. He was so patient with my questions and my concerns, and that helped me a lot to understand. I didn’t want to just say, “Oh, it’s okay. Whatever you want to do.” “Can you tell me why I would do this instead of that?” or…. Um, and he was so good about that—how I had such confidence in his decisions—how I…he was so honest with me but yet with a kindness.

BOBBY JOINER: When she came home and she told me how much I was going to like Dr. Robbins, I said, “Well, I want to go meet him because this is my wife, and it’s…it’s a touchy area, and from the moment I met you and everyone else here and then Dr. Robbins, it’s like…this is a fine line between being really super friendly and professional. You all were both, and I felt, after I talked to Dr. Robbins, “Okay, this is….he treated us like friends but yet professional, and we just had total confidence in whatever he said and did, and every time we came, we left just almost like we’d been to kind of a party, if you can call it a party. It really was a very warm, real feeling and still is, and we just feel like, now, that they’re family, and I even came here and let them work on this old face.


BOBBY JOINER: I’ve just fell in love with them, and looking back, we got closer together, and so, I can tell you men…uh…home yourself, and just love the one you loved anyway, and Debbie and I have become closer after 45 years. It’s sad to say it took cancer to put us this much closer, but…uh…it has, and I think it affected my…my daughters. I will tell you the positive part—it brought one our daughters who lived in California and our three great grandchildren (not great but they are grandchildren who are great) brought them home. She said, “When I immediately heard that Momma had cancer, I knew, ‘we’re moving back.’” Honestly, and she will say this, the whole cancer trip has been worth having them move back with us.

DEBORAH JOINER: You know, it was a family thing. We all just kind of did it together. It was such a blessing.

BOBBY JOINER: Yeah. I would say that the faith that Debbie had, even going into our marriage 45 plus years ago, this was the test, and then, when it happened, family, faith and then family, it just pulled the family together.

DEBORAH JOINER: ….how much harder it would’ve been had my husband not been there for me. He didn’t…. He travels. He tours. He’s gone, but he was here for every chemo. He drove to me to every appointment. You know, with the family support and with my husband, it was just sort of like I kind of was carried through, though the whole process, and we were so blessed.

BOBBY JOINER: We come to see our daughter before the cancer, but once we found out we had cancer, then we became…uh…just enamored with the place, with the city, with the people, and we were wondering, “Why don’t we just move up here?” and so, just a couple of weeks ago, we moved…we moved here.

DEBORAH JOINER: And now, we live more for not saying, “We’ll do that later.”

BOBBY JOINER: Hmm. That’s…that’s a good point. We really live now moment to moment. Every time we see our family’s precious. And before then, we never just took it for granted, but we didn’t…the appreciation factor really grew during this cancer routine that we had to go through. Being in the right hands, and again, this facility here was just wonderful, and it really…it helps to know that you’re being taken care of as a person and professionally.

DEBORAH JOINER: And yet, he’s such…he’s such a perfectionist and such a man of excellence that, you know, you really…that helps you heal, I think, when you know you’ve been well taken of and the best that you could get on this side of heaven.

So I used to weigh over 400 pounds. In 2010 I had gastric bypass surgery and I had lost about 200 pounds. I had been thinking about having my excess skin removed for several years. I wasn’t really sure if i really wanted to go through all of that I knew it was going to be very painful procedure and surgery. I had asked around online and someone recommended Dr. Robbins. I came for my consultation and I immediately felt extremely comfortable. The staff has been amazing, everyone greeted me, the staff was pleasant and when I had my consultation Dr. Robbins gave me different options of the procedures to give me the results I wanted. I ended up going with a body lift, a full lower body lift, a thigh lift, and a gluteal auto- augmentation. Dr Robbins had told me about all of the different procedures but I never felt pressured in anyway. I didn’t feel like anyone was pushing me to do more than I wanted too. They gave me all the information and then I met with Katie and got the pricing information. Then I had time to make my own decision. Originally I wasn’t going to do all of it and I thought more about it and I decided I wanted to do all of the procedures at once and I am blown away with the results. After the surgery it was extremely painful, Dr. Robbins and his staff were extremely excess-able all the time via e-mail, over the phone anytime I had a question. Anytime I felt something was hurting or sore I would send an e-mail to the nurses or call the office and get a very quick response. Anytime there was something where they wanted me to come into the office, and have doctor Robbins looked at it I was able to be seen very quickly. All my issues were taken care of. So I am here today for my 3 month follow up everything is amazing I have healed really well the results are phenomenal far better than I could ever imagine. The best thing is I have had people tell me the are jealous of my butt they wish they had a body like mine. Coming from 400 pounds to now I never thought I would be someone having other people wanting a body like mine. So, huge thanks to doctor Robbins and everybody there for these results.

The first thing I experienced was the charming manner with which I was greeted by the receptionist here in the office. Then, I had the pleasure of meeting the nurses even before I met Dr. Robbins, and everybody made me feel really, really comfortable. Dr. Robbins came in, and with my personality, I started messing with him right away, and now, when I come in, I get hugs from the entire staff. My surgeries have gone wonderful with no complications. They have checked on me. They have been really attentive to what my personal needs where. Never felt like I was in a cattle call. I felt like I was the only one they were concerned about during the time. Should you ever need a plastic surgeon or a reconstructive surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Chad Robbins and the wonderful ladies that work with him. I told them, “I don’t know who trained who, if he trained them or they trained him, but this place treats you the way you deserve to be treated. If I ever need him again, I’ll be back.


I am a post weightless patient. I had lost over 100 pounds and I was really happy with what I had done but I didn’t look so good. I looked decent in my clothes but when I looked in the mirror I just wasn’t happy. So I found Dr. Robbins and came in for consultation. I had seen two other surgeons and pretty much marked them off immediately. I knew within five minutes of my consultation with Dr. Robbins I knew that I wanted him to be my surgeon. The staff is wonderful, the staff is very caring, he is a perfectionist, I am too and I wanted to be perfect as I possibly could be. Its been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I look amazing, I am happy and I just couldn’t be more thankful to him and the staff.


Good morning! How are y’all today? My name is Kimberly, and I’m at Dr. Robbins’ office in Nashville, Tennessee, and I just wanted to talk to y’all a little bit about me. I was blessed to get married and have two lovely daughters, and as you know, pregnancy changes our bodies, and…uh…this is something I decided to do or talk to my regular doctor about for about five years, and the last time I went, I was having back problems, and she said, “Kimberly, this is the year. You’re going to get a breast reduction,” and she referred me to Dr. Robbins. I walked in that warm office. Everyone was friendly, always made me feel so comfortable. No one judges you. No one gives you that side eye. Everybody’s treated fairly and with compassion. So, in meeting Dr. Robbins, he examined me with great nursing staff, and we talked about what’s best for me and my body type, but during the conversation, we talked about doing a tummy tuck as well, so I had the opportunity to get that done as well, and as you can see, I’m very satisfied. I’m very happy. I’m still sexy. I’m more confident, and this just puts an exclamation point to happiness in my life, so I just wanted to say, “Thank you, Dr. Robbins and his fabulous staff!” and any friends or family interested, please give them a call or come by the office. Have a great day.


Well, I started my journey two years ago. I had the gastric sleeve by Dr. Charles Morton at Baptist, and I lost 90 pounds, and with that loss, I had excess skin between my legs that was rubbing when I played golf, and I was unhappy with that, so I talked to Dr. Morton, and he suggested that I see Chad Robbins, and so, I came and had a consultation with him, and he told me what he could do for me, and so, I decided to do that. My wife and I sat down and talked about it—did not know what it comprised of but decided to do it, and as you can tell, he did an upper…uh…lower body lift with the legs, and it was a fabulous result. My waist is smaller right now than it was when I was 8 years old, so that’s kind of a cool feeling at this age. I’m very happy with the results and what he did.


Hi there! My name is Kiki, and I’m a patient of Dr. Robbins. Um…a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy with reconstruction and expanders, and um…I’m also a nurse, and I have worked alongside Dr. Robbins at work, and when I had my first appointment with my general surgeon, he suggested someone to do my reconstruction, and I said, “No, I see patients come through here every day, and I want Dr. Robbins,” and he said, “No problem. That’s great.” For being such a negative and a scary thing to have breast cancer, it has opened up my whole world, and I have grown more spiritual and…um…positive, and I feel like I’ve been able to be there for other patients going through this and direct them into coming to see Dr. Robbins and his staff, from friends and family to people who have asked me who I would recommend. Um…I feel like he saved my life, and um…he was there from the very beginning when I asked him if he would be my doctor…um…to even today. A year later, I’ve had my reconstruction, and everything is going well, and his compassion is like none other that I’ve ever seen, and his staff is like family to me now. I love them with all my heart. They have been so kind and compassionate, and they’re always there for you, whether you’re coming to the office or you just pick up the phone, and…uh…my family thinks the world of this group, too, and I’m very blessed—very, very blessed, and I just can’t thank you, Dr. Robbins and all of you girls—very, very much. Thanks!


For years I’ve wanted to get a breast reduction and finally my primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Robbins and when I got the referral looked online at his reviews and all I could find was 5 star reviews and now I understand why. Him and his staff from the moment I called to schedule my consultation were so kind and helpful and I would do this surgery again in a heartbeat. Now I am 8 week post op, my joinery with him is ending, and he has been a great surgeon very kind very helpful. He has answered all of my questions and I would do everything all over again.

I was diagnosed with stage two Breast Cancer in September of 2015 and I had a bilateral Mastectomy and reconstruction with Dr. Robbins and his team and it has been one of the best experiences I’ve had and I know that sounds funny to say that because you think having cancer is going to be very traumatic. Thanks to the amazing care I have received basically across the board from everyone especially in Dr. Robbins office. It has actually been a positive growing experience for me. I think that as time goes on I will learn more from going through this process and I couldn’t be happier with the care I have received. They are like family to me.

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