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The everyday stresses of life—as well as the effects of age, gravity, and exposure to sunlight—can take a toll on the appearance of the face and neck. Mayo Clinic-trained, board-certified Nashville plastic surgeon Chad Robbins, M.D., F.A.C.S., understands that these unwelcome changes can harm a person’s confidence. Facelift plastic surgery can alleviate many of these symptoms, helping a patient look like they did naturally in their younger years. Dr. Robbins’ facelift patients in and around Nashville and Franklin report increased confidence and a lasting appreciation for their rejuvenated appearance.

What is a Facelift?

Facelifts are outpatient procedures generally performed under general anesthesia. It may be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures. For example, liposuction in the neck and jowls may also be part of the procedure. Dr. Robbins uses an incision in the hair starting at the temple. Following the curves of your face, Dr. Robbins gently tightens the skin and deep tissue of the face. Excess skin is removed, and stitches are placed to secure the skin and close the incisions. Your face and head will be wrapped to reduce swelling and encourage healing.

Benefits of a Facelift

There are many benefits to a facelift. Some include:

  • Re-positioning fat to add fullness and enhance the natural contours of the face.
  • Giving the face a smooth and defined appearance.
  • Reversing the effects of gravity and age for a more youthful appearance.
  • Improved confidence and sense of youthful vitality.

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Desired Results of Facelift Plastic Surgery

A facelift can help restore a youthful appearance and enhanced vibrancy to the face. Natural-looking results virtually undo the unwanted effects of time. Dr. Robbins accomplishes these effects by removing fat deposits as well as tightening the skin and underlying muscles around the face and neck.

Each facelift is an individualized procedure. In the initial consultation, Dr. Robbins discusses each patient’s goals realistically. Since facelifts are often performed in conjunction with other facial surgeries, such as brow lift or eyelid lift, the patient and Dr. Robbins together decide which procedures he will perform in order to achieve the desired results. Once a date for surgery is set, Dr. Robbins and his staff will give instructions on how to prepare.

Facelift Procedure Details

The length of facelift plastic surgery depends on which procedures Dr. Robbins is performing. Because each person’s face is different, each facelift requires a customized approach. Dr. Robbins determines the unique details of each procedure, such as where to place incisions to minimize their visibility. He then tightens the muscle and subcutaneous tissues and removes any excess skin. All facelift procedures are performed while the patient is under general anesthesia to maximize comfort.

Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

Men and women of Nashville may be good candidates for facelift surgery if they are at least age 40. Facelift surgery can be beneficial for patients up to age 80. Sagging in the cheeks or jawline and creases below the eyes or between the nose and mouth may be an indication a facelift surgery is right for you. Skin elasticity and bone structure are factors in successful facelift surgery. Dr. Robbins will determine if a facelift surgery will accomplish your desired goals.

How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

Cost for facelift surgery will depend on the extent of the surgery as well as the number of treatments required to achieve the desired result. Most insurance plans do not cover plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures. Financing is offered via CareCredit® and Prosper Healthcare Lending. For payment information, please contact the office to see what options are available to you.

Facelift FAQs

Recovery from a facelift typically takes several months, with the process unfolding in distinct stages. In the initial recovery period, lasting about 1-2 weeks, patients generally experience the most noticeable swelling and bruising. It's important during this time to rest and take time off of work and other regular activities. As the recovery progresses into the 3-4 week period, there's a significant reduction in major swelling and bruising, allowing patients to gradually return to most of their normal activities. However, they should still refrain from strenuous exercise and heavy lifting. Reaching full recovery usually takes several months. During this time, minor swelling continues to subside, and the final results of the facelift become more apparent. Throughout this process, it's crucial for patients to adhere to the specific post-operative instructions provided by Dr. Robbins to ensure the best possible outcome and a smooth recovery.

A mini facelift and a full facelift are both designed to rejuvenate the face, but they differ in their scope and the extent of the results they deliver. A mini facelift focuses on the lower part of the face and is designed to address mild to moderate sagging around the cheeks and jawline. It involves smaller incisions, typically around the ears, and offers a quicker recovery compared to a full facelift. It is suitable for patients with less severe signs of aging. The traditional facelift is a more comprehensive procedure that addresses sagging skin, deep creases, and loss of muscle tone in the mid to lower face and neck. The incisions are usually made around the hairline and ears, and sometimes under the chin. It offers more dramatic and extensive results but involves a longer recovery period.

A deep plane facelift is a technique that goes deeper than the traditional facelift. It involves repositioning not just the skin but also the underlying muscle and tissue. This technique allows for more significant correction of deep wrinkles and sagging, particularly in the mid-face region and the nasolabial folds. It aims to produce more natural-looking and longer-lasting results compared to standard facelift techniques.

After a facelift, it's generally recommended to wait at least 2-4 weeks before sleeping on your side. During the initial recovery period, sleeping on your back with your head elevated is advised to reduce swelling and avoid putting pressure on the healing facial tissues. Dr. Robbins will provide specific guidance based on your individual surgery and healing progress. It's important to follow these instructions to ensure proper healing and the best possible results.

Chad Robbins, M.D., F.A.C.S., is board certified in plastic surgery, and he is skilled in the most advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery techniques for men and women in and around Nashville and Franklin. In addition to performing facial plastic surgery, he is a leading provider of breast augmentation, liposuction, and other body contouring procedures. His focus is on helping patients enhance their quality of life as they achieve their aesthetic goals earning him awards such as RealSelf Top Doctor, Best of Nashville by the Nashville Scene, and more. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Robbins in Nashville.

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