Thigh Lift Before & After Pictures in Nashville, TN

For women and men who need help reducing the size of the inner or outer thighs, a thigh lift can benefit body image and comfort wearing clothes. This procedure involves removing excess skin to make the body more proportional, resulting in thighs that are firmer and more youthful with smoother skin. If you have experienced trouble reducing excess fat and sagging skin with diet and exercise, a thigh lift can offer considerable help.

Serving the Nashville and Franklin areas, Mayo-Clinic trained, board-certified Nashville plastic surgeon Chad Robbins, M.D., F.A.C.S., will consult with you to determine your vision and goals for the procedure. Using a general or local anesthesia, Dr. Robbins will make an incision at the groin and remove excess skin and fat. Depending on the needs of the patient, Dr. Robbins may make a larger incision from the groin to the hip.

Scarring is minimal, and a thigh lift will reshape and tighten loose skin to deliver a more pleasing, proportional shape. With your desired aesthetic in mind, Dr. Robbins will work with you to help you achieve your best self. To find out how a thigh lift can change your shape, see the before and after photos below:

Patient 7008: 47 year old female with 3 children who underwent a thigh lift.

Thigh Lift 7008

Patient 6164: 49 year old female who underwent a thigh lift.

Thigh Lift – 6164

Patient WA155822: 38 year old female who lost approximately 100 pounds prior to having a thigh lift.

Thigh Lift – WA155822

Patient CS784171: 34 yo female who lost 200 pounds prior to surgery

Thigh Lift – Patient CS784171

Patient GJ666924: 33 year old female who lost over 150 pounds prior to surgery and then had a thigh lift.

Thigh Lift – Patient GJ666924

Patient 2: Healthy middle-age female

Thigh Lift-patient 2

Patient SY621218: 45 yr. old

Thigh Lift-patient 3

Patient MY388390: 53 yr. old female

Thigh Lift-patient 4

Patient ES17806: 41 year old female who lost approximately 70 pounds prior to thigh lift.

Thigh Lift – ES17806