Cosmetic Surgery Center of Nashville


Private surgery center state of the art we offer safety comparable to a hospital-based facility while providing private, individualized care on site surgery center.

Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery Center of Nashville?

Deciding to have plastic surgery is a big decision. You must decide WHO your plastic surgeon will be, and you should also consider WHERE your surgery will take place. Many people do not think about the location of their plastic surgery as an important part of their decision, but it is!

Dr. Chad Robbins performs his surgeries at the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Nashville. The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Nashville is located at 503 Spruce Street in the heart of Nashville, TN. It is an advanced, state of the art, accredited surgery center. Our onsite operating facility allows us to provide our patients with superlative comfort, privacy, and safety. The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Nashville has private exits for maximum discretion and confidentiality.

Unlike large hospitals, The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Nashville is staffed with the same, excellent providers every day. This continuity makes the experience more intimate and directly translates to the highest quality care. Dr. Chad Robbins works with the same nurses and technicians every day – from the assistants in the operating room, to your anesthesia provider, to your recovery room nurse! They know his preferred materials, methods, and techniques. Start to finish, it is a well-synchronized process conforming to Dr. Robbins standards.

At Robbins Plastic Surgery and the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Nashville we strive to provide safe and excellent care to each patient in a warm and comfortable environment. Check out our operating room and recovery room at Schedule a consultation with Dr. Chad Robbins today and we will give you a tour of our state of the art surgery center in Nashville, TN.

These are some of the ways that onsite ambulatory surgery centers provide better care for their patients:

  • Convenient location
  • Shorter wait time on the day of surgery
  • Lower overall costs
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Targeted service and more privacy
  • Staff consistency and continuity of care
  • Lower infection rates