Plastic Surgery in Nashville, TN

If you live in and around Nashville or Franklin and are uncomfortable with your appearance, you’re not alone. Sometimes, people are unhappy with the way they look as they age, or dieting and exercising just aren’t cutting it. Other people suffer from disfigurement because of an injury or birth defect. Plastic surgery can give people dealing with the above issues a new lease on life. Chad Robbins, M.D., F.A.C.S, is a Mayo Clinic-trained, board-certified Nashville plastic surgeon who performs plastic surgery procedures.

What is Plastic Surgery?

The term “plastic surgery” covers a group of procedures that are designed to change the shape of specific body parts, improve physical appearance or boost a person’s self-esteem. A person having plastic surgery must have a healthy psychological attitude and realistic expectations of what cosmetic procedures can and cannot do.

Am I an Appropriate Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

If you’re considering plastic surgery, you must complete an honest self-examination first. Ask yourself what is driving you to want the surgery, what your goals are, and what your expectations of plastic surgery really are.

Plastic surgery candidates come in two groups. The first group is people who have a positive and strong self-image, but still have concerns about a specific physical characteristic and want that feature changed or improved. After surgery, these patients have the same positive self-image they had coming into the procedure.

The second candidate group is people who have cosmetic flaws or defects that have negatively impacted their self-esteem over time. Post-surgery, these patients adjust to their new appearance, and their self-image grows as a result. In these cases, the results are often dramatic.

It’s important to note cosmetic procedures change a person’s physical appearance, so they can increase self-esteem. Patients who go into plastic surgery believing the procedure will change how other people view them often end up disappointed. It’s necessary to remember that cosmetic procedures will not change anyone but you.

Types of Plastic Surgery offered by Board-Certified Nashville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chad Robbins

Breast Enhancement

Body Contouring

Facial Surgery

Will My Surgery Be Covered by Insurance?

The majority of healthcare plans cover reconstructive surgery, but there are differences in coverage between the plans. Some insurers cover the entire reconstructive procedure while others will only pay a portion of it.

Cosmetic procedures that are not reconstructive are usually not covered by health insurance. Most insurers view cosmetic surgeries as elective procedures that are not medically necessary. In these cases, Dr. Robbins offers financing, which allows patients to pay for their procedures on a monthly basis.

There are “gray areas” in the plastic surgery world that will necessitate a close examination from an insurer. One example of this is eyelid surgery, a procedure usually done as a cosmetic improvement. However, if a patient has drooping eyelids that interfere with his or her vision, the procedure may be viewed as medically necessary. When an insurance company is determining whether a procedure will be covered, they will look at the main reason for your plastic surgery and ask if it is being done to relieve a medical symptom or for aesthetics.

What Effect Can Plastic Surgery Have on My Self-Image after Surgery?

All people have a perception of how they are viewed by others, and this is known as “self-image”. When people are happy with their self-image, they are confident. This confidence is displayed in how they interact in social settings with other people and their work. People with positive self-images are comfortable with themselves and with their relationships. On the flip side, people who are unhappy with their self-image may be socially inhibited and self-conscious.

Plastic surgery is designed to promote a positive, strong self-image, whether it’s reconstructive or cosmetic. Making a small change on the outside can lead to a great change in the inside, allowing a person’s self-confidence to grow and thrive. This can have an enormous impact on your life, socially and in your work and home.

If you’re unhappy with your appearance, it might be time to consider plastic surgery. Residents in and around Nashville and Franklin should contact Dr. Chad Robbins at his practice to find out more.