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#Newtox is On the Market

#Newtox is the latest botulinum toxin type A called Jeuveau® (pronounced Jū-vō).  Jeuveau® is inspired by the French word “nouveau” which means new.   In February 2019, Jeuveau® gained FDA approval and is the 4th product on the market to improve fine lines and wrinkles.  It is for cosmetic use only.  Jeuveau® is manufactured by a California based company called Evolus.

Jeuveau in Nashville TN

So, what does Jeuveau® do?  Jeuveau® is injected into the muscle to relax and temporarily improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the glabella or 11’s area between the eyebrows.  If you’ve had Botox or Dysport® before then your treatment with Jeuveau® will be very similar.  It is structurally very similar to Botox.

How is Jeuveau® going to compete with BotoxJeuveau® is designed to be just like Botox but a little better.  FDA required clinical trials of Jeuveau® and it performed as well if not better than Botox during the trials.

There is no downtime with Jeuveau® treatments (just like with Botox® and Dysport®) and you can go about your busy life after your treatment.

Is this Jeuveau® better than Botox?  Time will tell with whether it lasts longer and kicks in quicker than Botox.  The clinical trials did show favorable feedback from patients.

If you’re interested to learn more about Jeuveau® check out their website at www.evolus.com or any other products we offer at Robbins Plastic Surgery then check us out at www.robbinsplasticsurgery.com.  Our consultations with our skilled nurse injectors are always free and they can let you know if Jeuveau® is right for you.  Call us today at (615) 401-9454.