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The Best Summer Skin Tips

MedSpa in Nashville, TNHere are some tips to have your best-looking skin yet this summer.

  1. Always Wear Sunscreen:

We know we do not have to even explain why to you at this point. But as a reminder, aside from painful sunburn, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime (according to the Skin Cancer Foundation). Always remember to apply sunscreen not only days when it is sunny, but on days when it is cloudy and raining.  We can get sun exposure through our car windows each day, so it is always important to wear sunscreen no matter what each day.

For sunscreen we love:  Revision Intellishade or Elta MD.


When it comes to putting SPF on your face and body, you are probably already a pro. But do not forget about your lips and scalp.  If you have ever had a scalp burn, we know you feel us here. Hello, faux dandruff.  And our lips can burn just as easily as anywhere else on our body.  It is important to wear an SPF chapstick or lipstick to protect them while in the sun.

For the scalp, we love the easy application of a spray sunscreen. You can also use a mineral powder SPF.

  1. Keep Eye Cream in the Refrigerator:

There is nothing more refreshing than a cooling eye cream straight from your refrigerator. You can also try cooling your moisturizer, masks, or any other creams for the face or body.

Our favorite products to stay cool:  Revision DEJ eye cream or Robbins Plastic Surgery Brightening Pads as well as Robbins Plastic Surgery Thirst Quencher

  1. Do Not Pop Your Zits:

Believe me I know it is tempting when those pesky zits pop up.  It is best to leave them alone to prevent scaring.  Here are our favorite products to speed up and heal those zits.

We love the Robbins Plastic Surgery Goodbye Acne Stick.

  1. Remember to Hydrate and Add Collagen Supplements:

Do not forget to hydrate every day and especially when you are out in the heat.  Add some yummy fruit slices or lemon wedges to make it easier to drink.

Collagen supplements have some great benefits.  One being improvement of skin health by strengthening the skin, elasticity and hydration.

We love the unflavored collagen powders that can be added to water or coffee.

So, have fun in the sun and enjoy the outdoor safely!  At Robbins Plastic Surgery we are here to help you live your life confidently.  Confidence is beautiful.  Check us out at https://www.robbinsplasticsurgery.com/.